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About Me

Maria Maraki

Maria Maraki was born in 1981 in Athens, where she lives and works as a freelance photographer. Her photographic look is characterized by the emphasis she gives to the spontaneity of each moment, to those details which would not be unveiled without the help of her lens, to the dynamic of the movement, to the unexpected. Her passion for photography led to her involvement in different thematic fields. Her portfolio includes photo shoots for corporate and product campaigns, weddings, fashion shows, portraits, concerts, performances.

The 14 years that Maria has been working as a professional photographer combined with the excellent knowledge of her field and the collaborations she has created with other professionals, have inevitably led to the expansion of the services she provides. Maria has managed to bring together creative people in a dynamic team that utilizes its talent and the best digital equipment to undertake, both in Greece and abroad, video shootings as well as their editing and music score. Apart from photo shoots, Maria and her team cover through their videos, the demands and needs of each event – whether it is a documentary, company profile/event, wedding or a different occasion – while at the same time demonstrating the unique personality of each client.


I started my career in 1999 by the side of Dinos Diamantopoulos. I worked with him for 6 years and I had the opportunity to learn from him how to reveal the true face that the protagonist of each photo portrait usually hides.

2008 was a very special year for me because I presented my first personal exhibition in Athens under the title “Scenes Noires”. The exhibition included black and white photos of everyday moments from different parts of the world. My 2nd exhibition, “Cigarette Ends” followed a year later and in February 2010 I participated in the group exhibition “Love me”. Then came…Sifnos. It was there, on one Greek island I truly love, that I had the opportunity to realize my 3rd personal exhibition called “Away” that included a series of black and white photos of panoramic sceneries.

2009 was also a unique year as it marked the beginning of my collaboration with Stavros Thodorakis and as a photo reporter, a position I am holding until today. This collaboration led to the film editing and videographing for the TV show “Protagonistes” on MEGA channel. Working with Stavros created a new opportunity for a fourth exhibition we jointly presented (“Juvenile Prisoners”, May 2012).

The truth is that I almost never stop photographing what excites me, everything that is happening around us and the things that maybe cannot be seen by the naked eye .